Sacramento Moustache Run

Break out your moustache and all its glory! 

Sport your moustache proudly as you admire, wink and nod at others for their handsome 'stache, while at the same time running a 5k.

This is not your typical moustache fun run! 

Your dedication will be put to the test when you are face to face with an old fashioned barber who’s sole purpose in life is to give you a clean shave. You will not let this happen!!! You will be running to protect that handsome moustache! You’ve dedicated yourself...Your face...Your grow that moustache into the handsome lad that he’s become! He’s practically become his own person. Will your moustache make it to the finish line? We are here to support you so he does! 

This is for the ones who tell themselves “I’m going to run a 5k someday.”  For families and friends who love any excuse to get together and dress in theme. For avid runners who want to add this beautiful course to their “been there” list. For men who proudly grow out their facial hair for “No Shave November” and need an awesome event to show it off. THIS is the fun run for YOU!

But why moustaches?
Our goals are to raise prostate and testicular cancer awareness, show our support for those affected, and give much needed funds to help sustain screenings, treatments, and other immeasurable services. Please join our efforts and enthusiasm as we partner with the American Cancer Society to give glory to the stache and to help keep the men who wear them healthy!


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